My journey as a potter began roughly 21 years ago. Newly divorced at 46 years of age, and in custody of my eight-year old son, I sought an outlet for my loose energy. An article in the Sunday paper spurred me into taking a class at a local craft center. This led to some one and one lessons with a local Potter. After about a year of this, I purchased a wheel. My teacher remarked that now I was committed as a Potter. She couldn’t have been more correct!

Pottery has woven its way in and out of my life over the last 20 years. There was an experiment with owning a gift shop (a disaster), owning another wheel, and a kiln to giving lessons.

At times, the craft has gone dormant for a while, but I have always been drawn back. My focus has always been making functional stoneware. While primarily a wheel Potter, the recent pandemic has forced me to explore hand building. To my delight, this has opened a new window for me. I hope you will check out my work, and find a connection. Perhaps the same connection that I experience in making.

Much Joy,

Tom Iversen.